Graphic Design

West Prince was part of a class assignment to create a brand for a New York City neighborhood.

The neighborhood is the area of West Broadway and Prince Street.The soho neighborhood has a history with the prominent art movements from the 1970's to the 1980's, particularly the pop art movement. This neighborhood is known for its streets art vendors, artists selling their artwork themselves to tourists/shoppers in this area of Soho. Many of these artists sell mainly on the weekend when traffic is higher. This area offers a large and consistent number of professional artists who choose to sell their artwork in this area as a street vendor, many of them have artwork featured in galleries world wide, but enjoy meeting and talking with their customers face to face. West Prince provides affordable art from independent artist helping to make art available to everyone. Adjectives that would describe West Prince would be: Art, Raw, Casual, Personal, Affordable.


Asian Market was part of a class assignment to create a logo for a restaurant or grocers.

Asian Market is an emerging American grocery store chain with stores in major cities across the country. They are committed to delivering quality asian style ingredients into the homes of shoppers. Their company goal is to promote the sharing and appreciation of asian culture through cooking.